Our Plus in Performances Full-fills Highest Requirements

You Have a Problem—We Find a Solution

Excess Capacities

If you are not in the position to keep agreed delivery dates due to excess capacities, machine breakdowns or high sickness absence, Herold is taking over a part of your production. This will be done according to your demands, at your required production stage.

Design / Ergonomic Problems

Here we offer absolute profession. Optical and technical aspects are melted into a production—geared end product by our owner the diploma industrial designer Gerd Langer.

Know How / Innovative transfer

Solution orientated development processes and a high innovation level have been our factors of success for decades. With our know how we make your product marketable.

Prototype Construction

You are planning the manufacture of a prototype—as the case may be also to your customer’s order—for which your capacities are actually not configured? Herold can take over this field for you too.

Small Batch Series

Small batch series are not your core competence, however your ultimate goal is to satisfy your clients? Herold is specialized in small lot sizes and produces timely.

With Warranty

Warranty of customer ties

  • We guarantee absolute anonymity and discretion.
  • Manufacture according to your demands and quality requirements.


Development-Manufacture-Quality Management

  • Design with 3D-CAD with the latest technique
  • Manufacture with state of the art production machine
  • Planning reliability and with that connected cost control
  • High quality standards guarantee customer satisfactory

Just In Time

Agreements with your clients are kept

  • On time production as per temporal agreement
  • No additional costs because of delay and the eventual liquidated damages involved
  • On schedule delivery, your basis for customer contentment and follow-up orders
  • You can accept more orders, which can temporally not be managed by your own capacity


Design á la Folkwang

  • Troubleshooting methods that lead to success
  • A conceptual and strategic way of thinking and acting guarantee short phases of development
  • High innovation level
  • Perfect design


Development—Production—Quality Management—Logistics

  • Entrance in every state of production possible
  • Course of production process lasts assured
  • Minimising costs of special production stages which you want to source out


ISO-Standard for years

  • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2008, approved by DEKRA
  • Inspection certificate according to DIN EN 10204-3.1, respectively -2.2g