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Unique and customised – our Wendelkolben®-Pumps

Development of a positive displacement pump of its kind with the world’s lowest pulsation rate and lowest energy consumption, designed and patented by Herold, Germany

The Herold Wendelkolben®-Pump was the original innovation and design of Paul Gerhard Langer, the owner of BSA Marktschorgast and Herold Gefrees. At the time, he approached the best-known engine factory with a proposal to use it as a compressor/charger to increase engine power. The prototype created by Herold achieved positive results. Although the automotive giant was impressed, its business activities developed in a different direction. At Herold, the basic design was then modified for pumping various fluids and finally patented worldwide in 1989. After the sale of BSA and the retirement of P. G. Langer, his son Gerd Michael Langer took over the management of Herold and continued the modification and improvement of the Herold rotary lobe pump, also for low viscosity fluids and additionally equipped with a sinusoidal rotor configuration for abrasive fluids, which was also patented worldwide. “Great ideas don’t always come from big companies,” says Gerd Michael Langer and follows his motto: Herold, Heartbeat of technology.