Contract manufacturing

Our plus in performance fulfils the highest demands

Deadline pressure, delivery bottlenecks, production downtime, full capacity utilisation or additional orders-there are often serious reasons for opting for contract manufacturing.

But whatever it may be, we know that your customers come first and must be supplied in accordance with the contract. Now is the time to act quickly.

We support you at every stage of production. Using our 3D CAD programme, we first bring your ideas to life on screen as a three-dimensional solid model. All subsequent technical features can be integrated at this stage. Model and drawing data can be exchanged via the CAD system. We work with you to customise the developed concept to your wishes and product requirements.

If you are unable to meet agreed delivery dates due to overcapacity, machine failure or high sickness rates, Herold will take over part of your production. And we do this according to your specifications, starting from the production stage you require.
Here we offer absolute professionalism. As a graduate industrial designer, our owner Gerd Langer merges optics and technology into a production-ready end product.

Solution-oriented development processes and a high degree of innovation have been our key success factors for decades. With our know-how, we make your product marketable.

Are you planning the production of a prototype – possibly also on behalf of a customer – for which your capacity is not actually designed? Herold can also take over this area for you.
Although small batches are not your core competence, is your ultimate goal to satisfy your customers? Herold specialises in small batch sizes and produces on time.

With guarantee

Ensuring customer loyalty

  • We guarantee absolute anonymity and discretion
  • Production according to your specifications and quality requirements

High-tech quality

Development-production-quality management

  • Planning with 3D CAD using the latest technology
  • Production with state-of-the-art processing machines
  • Planning security and associated cost control
  • High quality standards guarantee customer satisfaction


Agreements with your customers are honoured

  • On-schedule production according to time agreement
  • No additional costs due to delay and any associated contractual penalties
  • On-time delivery, for you the basis for customer satisfaction and follow-up orders
  • You can accept additional orders that you cannot fulfil with your own capacity

Well thought out

Design à la Folkwang

  • Problem-solving methods that lead to success
  • Conceptual and strategic thinking and action guarantee short development phases
  • High degree of innovation
  • Perfect design


Development-production-quality management-logistics

  • Entry possible at any stage of production
  • Production process flow remains guaranteed
  • Cost optimisation of specific production steps that you would like to outsource


ISO standard for years

  • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2008, audited by DEKRA
  • Inspection certificate DIN EN 10204-3.1 or -2.2

Our processing facilities

Pro/Engineer Wildfire
3-axis CNC tool milling machines x=570 mm, y=500 mm, z=450 mm
4-axis CNC tool milling machines x=600 mm, y=450 mm, z=450 mm
Mechanical engineering – conventional machining
Saw cutting with feed Bar material up to Ø 200 mm and 6,000 mm length
Milling machines x=1.200 mm, y=550 mm, z=330 mm
Lathes up to Ø 1,000 mm, max. centre distance 1,500 mm
Radial drilling machines up to Ø 50, M60
Boring mills x=2,750 mm, y=1,800 mm, z=2,400 mm, for parts weighing up to 11 tonnes each
Mechanical engineering – CNC machining
Lathes Max. travel: Ø over cross slide up to 710 mm, centre distance up to 2,500 mm
Boring mills x=1.400, y=850 mm, z=1.000 mm
4-axis CNC tool milling machines max. clamping surface 630×630 mm; x=900 mm, y=630 mm, z=835 mm
5-axis machining centres max. clamping surface 1.000 × 1.000 mm; max. load 4.000 kg; x=1.700 mm, y=1.450 mm,z=2.100 mm
Wire erosion x=300 mm, y=200 mm, z=250 mm, workpiece weight up to 200 kg
Quality assurance
Materials testing Inspection certificate DIN EN 10204-3.1 and 2.2
Spectral analysis Grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, Ni-Resist
Digital height gauge up to 1.000 mm