Low pulsation conveying behaviour, low energy consumption, product-friendly conveying principle

Lowest pulsation behaviour in the world
Low wear
Insensitive to dry running
Conveying in both directions
Continuous mixing effect
Low energy consumption

Packed with innovations

Thanks to its special design, our rotary lobe pump has the lowest pulsation pumping behaviour in the world. This saves a huge amount of energy and also reduces wear on all pump parts and the connected pipework system.

Designed for a long service life

Our rotary lobe pumps are designed for long running times. Non-contacting rotors guarantee a long service life. This saves money and reduces production downtime. And if you ever plan to change the production process, a Helical Lobe® pump can easily be switched from a high-viscosity medium to a low-viscosity medium and vice versa.

Certified hygiene

Our rotary lobe pumps fulfil the relevant hygiene regulations, such as the EHEDG standard. They are therefore also ideal for the food industry.

Features of the spiral piston pumps

While almost all conventional rotary lobe pumps have a “portioned” suction and delivery process, the principle of the two counter-rotating lobes produces the lowest pulsation and vibration delivery behaviour in the world.
This leads to a stabilisation of the flow behaviour. The media-friendly mode of operation has an excellent effect on the homogeneity of the conveyed material. A pronounced, but at the same time gentle and continuous mixing effect is achieved. The largest possible conveying surfaces prevent sugar crystals from being crushed. Even highly viscous media are conveyed without any problems. Overall, this results in considerable savings in drive energy.
The helical twisted lobes run contact-free in the displacement housing. The construction material used has a high degree of hardness. This ensures a high degree of purity of the pumped medium. No foreign bodies get into the substrate to be conveyed due to material abrasion. The exceptionally smooth running behaviour has a positive effect on the service life of the pumps and drive elements, valves, slides and seals.
Our rotary lobe pumps are easy to maintain. If the medium to be pumped solidifies due to a power failure, the Wendelkolben®-Pump can be made ready for use again as quickly as possible. Opening the housing cover provides easy access to the rotary lobe pumps. They can be completely exposed for cleaning by simply pulling off the displacement housing. It is not necessary to install or remove gear or drive elements or pipework components.

Advantages of our rotary lobe pumps

  • Non-contact operation of the Wendelkolben®
  • Low wear
  • Insensitive to dry running
  • Conveying in both directions possible
  • Delivery rate proportional to speed
  • Continuous flow rate
  • Wide range of applications
  • Conveying highly viscous media
  • Media with lumpy inserts
  • Continuous mixing effect
  • High efficiency


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